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Microfibre Kitchen Kit
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Microfibre Kitchen Kit

£3.65 £2.74 (inc vat)

Super efficient Microfibre Kitchen Kit that effectively removes grease and marks, for sparkling results.

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    • Removes grease and marks
    • Efficient with just water
    • Eliminates 99% of bacteria
    • Washable up to 500 times
    • Perfect for all kitchen surfaces

    Spontex Kitchen Kit includes two cloths that are super efficient and effectively remove grease and marks. The blue Microfibre Kitchen pad effortlessly absorbs water thanks to its thirsty sponge centre whilst its 3D weave wipes away grease and stains leaving a gleaming finish. The yellow Microfibre All Purpose cloth with its thick 3D weave tackles dirt and dust even on delicate surfaces, leaving a brilliant finish. The Kit is ideal for all kitchen surfaces, including ceramic hobs, stainless steel, tiles and worktops.

    Kitchen pad size approx.: 17 x 23cm. Composition: 85% Polyester, 15% Polyamide.
    All purpose cloth size approx.: 32 x 32cm. Composition: 85% Polyester, 15% Polyamide.

    Usage Guidelines: Colours may run or stain so test on an inconspicuous area of the surface to be cleaned before using. Not suitable for use on hot surfaces. Do not bleach or use with products containing bleach. Machine washable up to 60°C with similar colours as colours may run. Do not use fabric softener and do not tumble dry, iron or dry clean. If the cloth no longer works as well as it did, the fibres may be blocked, this can be rectified by re-washing without fabric softener.

    Click here to take a look at our complete range of microfibre cloths.

    * Removes S. Aureus and P. Aeruginosa on glass surfaces and vinyl composition tiles (VCT), tested by an independent laboratory.

    Spontex Did You Know Icon Spontex Microfibre cloths are made up of thousands of tiny fibres, so the number of contact points with the surface is greatly increased compared to non microfibre cloths. This means that each cloth has extraordinary cleaning power that eliminates 99% of bacteria*.
    Spontex Green Hedgehog Icon Our Microfibre cloths can be used with just water to clean efficiently and achieve sparkling results, there's no need to use cleaning detergents which may pollute streams and rivers. They are also super resistant and long lasting. They can be washed in the washing machine not once, but up to 500 times, so you can keep using your cloths over and over again. When they are no longer fit for their intended use why not find them a new purpose like cleaning shoes or wiping down your bins. The packaging is 100% recyclable, so don't forget to pop it in your recycling bin.
    Spontex Top Tip Light Bulb Icon TOP TIP: For a sparkling kitchen, use the Kitchen cloth damp with any excess water wrung out to wipe down and the All Purpose cloth dry to buff up.

    Product Features

    • Spontex Guaranteed Quality
    • MF Kitchen Kit 2 Textures
    • Efficient with just water
    • MF Kits Eliminates 99% Of Bacteria
    • X500 Wash
    • Machine Washable up to 60°C
  • Rating: Reviewed by: Shannon (Spontester)

    Love how both the clothes are they work really well and makes things super shiny I've been getting these for a few years now and been buying them each time they need replacing definitely recommend these for the kitchen

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    Really does work with just water. Kitchen looks great. When I need extra power I use it with sink/hob/kitchen cleaner. Even full price it’s worth it.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    The clothes clean well, bring out the shine on taps and the hob brilliantly too and go through the washing machine perfectly. The only small thing is they are advertised as great cleaning without further products. I wouldn't want to not disinfect surfaces anyway but found I use less product, and still needed it. This is a small downside though.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    I like the fact I can reuse these and stick them in the washing machine. save money in the long run and do a great job

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    Alright product bit expensive for what it is but as I got cashback I can’t complain about it. It does what it says on the box

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    great clothes that keep there shape and texture after machine wash

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    Highly Recomended. I have in kitchen chrome silver all shine. Brilliant

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    Amazing cleans our new sink and kitchen well no water marks

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    Good for the spring cleaning!

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    Good quality, keeps my kitchen sparkling clean

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    Excellent for cleaning and mopping up spills.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Hannah Prasai (Spontester)

    I was given this kitchen kit in order to review, however, I will give an unbiased opinion as that is what I would wish to read!

    The packaging it arrived in gave a very good indication of what the cloths were like, as they were both visible through the viewing panel. I always prefer to know what I am buying before purchase. However, it wasn't clear which cloth served which purpose, as this was not detailed on the box and would be a useful addition I feel. I did deduce that the blue cloth was intended to be the kitchen cloth and the yellow the multipurpose. I hope this is right!

    Both cloths have performed incredibly well and exceeded my expectations. The blue cloth - I was sceptical that it would remove grease and burnt on food stuffs, especially without cleaning aids such as a bleach spray. How wrong I was! It managed (with a bit of elbow grease) to successfully remove burnt on scrambled egg which is ordinarily a boil it off job! The blue cloth also came into its own wiping clean my glass hob after trying. An unpleasant job at the best of times but made a dream using the blue cloth. I would give this alone 5 out of 5.

    The yellow cloth is a perfect dry duster. I used it to buff mirrors and granite work surfaces to a smear free also srved a useful purpose when dampened to wipe spillages at the breakfast table and such like. It was an added bonus!

    I would definitely recommend this kitchen kit. Only time will tell how long it will last but so far so good! Thanks Sponges.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Carla Sears (Spontester)

    I found this product very easy to use. On first look at the packaging you can see the two different colour cloths but you are unsure which cloth does what. Once you have them in front of you it's obvious which cloth is for what. Both cloths are very easy to use. The blue padded cloth works great on my hob. I used this for greese Splash's and I found it removed them with Ease. Also when cleaned in hot water I found there was no problem moving on to clean other items. I used this to clean my saucepans and found it worked very well.

    I also cleaned my kitchen tiles with the blue cloth it removed a lot of grime and food splashes from the back of my cooker.

    I used the yellow cloth to buff up my tiles after cleaning them when they were dry. It worked very well for this. The combination of both cloths work very well around my kitchen on my appliances and they look gleaming now.

    I have washed both these cloths in my washing machine and they came out looking like new.

    I would buy this product as the combination works very well together and they are hard wearing. They can be washed and re used which is great.

    I would expect to pay around £ 4 to 5 for this item.

    Would really recommend the.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Charlene McConnachie (Spontester)

    Love these thick, hardwearing cloths, they make cleaning my kitchen so easy. I find them extremely effective especially when cleaning my glass hob, stainless steel splash backs and chrome bar stools. I normally find these surfaces difficult to get a streak and grease free finish on but with these cloths I was left with a beautiful shine with very little effort. Grease seems to cling to these cloths rather than the surfaces, there is very little scrubbing needed even on the inside of my grill door a swift wipe over with one of these cloths was all that was needed. These cloths can be cleaned so easily and wash well in a normal cycle in the washing machine. The packaging grabbed my attention the moment I saw it, its bright, bold and gives details of exactly what these can be used for without you having to search for the information. I think these are fantastic value for money, they are such a versatile cloth, there are so many uses which they are perfect for around the kitchen and due to the fact they are such a robust, substantial cloth they will last so much longer than your everyday microfibre products. They give me confidence when I'm cleaning, I would thoroughly recommend them and will definitely be buying them again, there's no doubt about that!!!!

    Rating: Reviewed by: sharon martin (Spontester)

    A great quality product, that is hard wearing and great at cleaning. An easy to use product with no instructions needed. The packaging is bright & bold so stands out well. I used them all over my kitchen and they tackled all jobs well and they have the added bonus that you can just put them in the washing machine to clean them

    Rating: Reviewed by: Zoe Cunning (Spontester)

    Fantastic, I've been using the kitchen kit for a couple of days now, the cloths are lovely and soft, I've used it on everything but the kids. My oven looks like new after using the blue sponge to clean it, didn't take to much effort, most of the grease just wiped straight off. The the grease rinsed out of the sponge well and was like new again after a wash. The yellow cloth is my new best friend, its the best cloth I've ever used, I've honestly been using it on everything. My kitchen is sparkling. Like the blue sponge the dirt rinses right out even tea stains. Its soft, durable and bright yellow so i can't lose it. I will be buying more of these, so useful for the kitchen.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Pip Judge (Spontester)

    The quality is second to none, it's thick, soft, luxurious. It cleans far more efficiently than any other I've used, it looks and feels like it shouldn't be a part of a cleaning regime, it looks and feels too luxurious to clean with, but it the best I've ever used. It's so easy to use, I've got a very kucky German Shepherd that loves to play in the mud, and then shake all over my cupboards and walls. These cloths halved the time to clean, they pick up the dirt in one single wipe. The packaging is eye catching and informative, and it's easy to get the products out of it. They wash clean like a dream, I even used them to clean the oven, the grease washed straight out. It's easy to see the blue one is for use on something that requires more elbow grease and that the yellow one cleans up the mess afterwards.

    I would purchase these time and time again and they're a steal at this price, even though I'd pay more for them, they make my cleaning so much easier.

  • Yours Magazine
    “These cloths felt really robust and up to the job. Thick, capable and a pleasure to work with”

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