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Why doesn't the Long Lasting Kitchen Cloth stay white after it has been used?

Due to the nature of the material the cloth will not look white after it has been used. However, it will be clean after washing at the recommended temperature of 60˚C. Please be advised that this cloth is not suitable for use with bleach.

There are so many different microfibre cloths, how do I choose the right one for me?

To help you find the perfect microfibre cloth we’ve created a handy guide. Click here to take a look.

Can microfibre cloths be used on fabrics and carpets?

Microfibre cloths can be used on almost any surface however we’d always recommend testing on an inconspicuous area first.

Can I use cleaning liquids with my microfibre cloth?

Microfibre cloths can be used with cleaning liquids however as they clean so effectively with just water this is not normally necessary.

Can I use bleach with microfibre cloths?

Bleach can be used with most microfibre cloths but should be avoided as it’s highly likely that it will cause the material to discolour. After using bleach, make sure that the cloth is thoroughly rinsed.

How many times can I wash my microfibre cloth?

Spontex Microfibre All Purpose, Bathroom, Kitchen and Window cloths are all guaranteed to withstand at least 500 washes at up to 60°C, don’t use fabric softener as this can reduce the efficiency of the microfibre.

Why shouldn't fabric softener be used when washing microfibre cloths?

Fabric softener clogs the tiny fibres making them less effective.

What should I do if my microfibre cloth does not work as well anymore?

It could be that there is fabric conditioner blocking the fibres, this can be rectified by re-washing without fabric conditioner. If this does not work then your microfibre cloth has reached the end of its life and should be replaced.

Plastic packaging tags have left small holes in my microfibre cloths. Will it affect their performance?

Some cloths are packed in such a way that plastic tags are needed to hold the cloth in the packaging. The tags do create small holes in the fabric but this will not affect the performance of the cloth, it will still be fit for purpose.

What is the special treatment that you use on your disposable dusters?

Mineral oil is used to coat each duster, this helps them to pick up dust effectively and hold onto it too, leaving surfaces clean and shiny.

Why can’t I use your disposable dusters on glass and windows?

Our dusters are coated with a special mineral oil treatment that is simply not suitable for use on glass surfaces as it will leave smears.

Why can’t I use your disposable dusters wet?

Our dusters have been designed specifically for dry use only, if they become wet they will breakdown and become unusable.

Do I need to wear gloves when using your disposable dusters?

No, gloves aren’t required as the product does not contain harmful ingredients.


Can Spontex biodegradable sponges be composted?

Products like Thick Moppets and Handy Sponge are made of cellulose, which is a material of plant origin and as such can be composted. Ensure that the sponge is cut into small pieces before putting into the compost bin. The sponge will then deteriorate along with all the other material, eventually becoming suitable for use in the garden.

I have a latex allergy. Can I use your sponge cloths?


Fizz Express

What is actually in a Fizz Express tablet?

The tablet is a solid detergent product with a specific formula combining surfactants and alkaline agents. This provides the efficiency required to remove the dirt, whilst the carbonate salts and acids create the fizzing!

What surfaces can Fizz Express be used on?

Fizz Express can be used on most materials, although we do recommend not to use it on aluminium, copper or tin surfaces.

The packaging tells me to test the Fizz Express product first, how do I do this?

We recommend dissolving 1 tablet in 500ml of hot water (using a glass jug or bowl) then after 5 minutes, take 1 teaspoon of the solution and apply to the item e.g. on the underside of the saucepan lid. Leave for 5 minutes and if there’s no reaction use the rest of the solution as per the usual instructions.

The Fizz Express tablet seems to have crumbled. Can I still use it?

Yes! Simply pour the entire contents of the sachet into your dish, the efficiency won't be affected!

Does Fizz Express contain any animal ingredients?

Fizz Express does not include any animal ingredients and it is not tested on animals.

Do you have a safety data sheet for Fizz Express?

Yes, we have a safety data sheet available.

Does Fizz Express have an expiry date?

No, Fizz Express does not have an expiry date.


What is the anti-grease technology that you use on your scourers?

The anti-grease technology is a special treatment that’s applied during production and means that the scourer does not retain grease. This helps it to stay cleaner and efficient for even longer.

I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Can I use your scourers that have been treated with anti-grease technology?

Our anti-grease technology doesn't contain ingredients that would typically provoke an allergic reaction however if you have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity it's impossible to say if this would be the case. Our recommendation would be to use the scourers whilst wearing hypoallergenic gloves like Latex Free.

What makes your non scratch scourers non scratch and what surfaces can I use them on?

All of the scourers in the non scratch range are specially formulated to avoid scratching so they’re perfect for use on all delicate surfaces. However, we always recommend that the scourer is tested on a small inconspicuous area before commencing with a broader clean.


Just like any scourer, tiny pieces may come away from the scourers as you use them, this is just normal wear and tear. We’d recommend that you replace your scourer regularly and remove any pieces from your washing up bowl before emptying it in the sink.


No, our Soap Pads are completely free of any animal ingredients.


No, our Soap Pads do not have an expiry or ‘use by’ date.


No, our Soap Pads don't contain any ingredients that are considered harmful and therefore don't require safety data sheets. As with all cleaners we recommend you keep the products out of reach if you have ‘curious’ children or pets around! If you do get soap in your eyes then rinse carefully with water for several minutes. If when using the product your skin becomes irritated then discontinue use.


Why does Tough Glove Medium have an L embossed on the gloves?

After receiving feedback from consumers that the medium size glove was far too tight, we decided to make the glove larger, using a larger glove mould. It is this larger glove mould which stamps the L onto the gloves. We are working to make the pack more reflective of the glove sizing.

Why are the Multi-Purpose Disposable Gloves so loose fitting?

These gloves have been designed specifically with a looser fit. This ensures that they are suitable for all hand sizes and are also easy to remove after cleaning. If you prefer a more snug fit we would recommend our Handy Disposable Gloves range which are available in either latex or vinyl.


Yes, these gloves are made from Polyethylene which is recyclable, if facilities exist.

Why are some Spontex re-usable gloves more fitted than others?

From our extensive consumer research we found that the UK as a nation is split, some of us prefer a loose fitting glove whilst others amongst us prefer a snug fitting glove. In our range we have gloves suitable for everyone, use Everyday Protect if you prefer a looser fit.

Are the Style Collection gloves with the decorated cuffs totally waterproof?

The gloves themselves are waterproof but the seam between the gloves and decorated cuff should not be submerged in water as the stitched area may let in some water. The cuff is splashproof only.

Do your powdered latex gloves disperse latex proteins? What does this mean?

The protein from natural rubber can be dispersed through the air via small particles such as the powder in powdered gloves. Inhalation of these small particles is the main cause of an allergic reaction for those who suffer from latex protein allergies. Whilst the powder from the gloves is easily dispersed in the atmosphere, once the powder has fallen and rested upon a surface it cannot disperse as easily again. Even if it did, the amount of protein would be diluted and it’s the concentration of protein that is an important factor in triggering an allergy. The risk from natural rubber is only for those wearing the gloves.


You make lots of different mops, how do I choose the right one for me?

To help you find the perfect floorcare solution for your home we’ve created a handy guide! Click here to take a look.

Are refills available for all of your mops?

Yes! What's more all of our refills are machine washable too. Click here to take a look.

Most of your mops say they are microfibre, but they all look very different?

Most of our mops are microfibre, they tend to look different as they are made using various styles of microfibre to ensure they are really suited to the task at hand. Our Quick Spray Mop for example has a layer of microfibre on a layer of sponge making it perfect for those quick clean ups, whilst our Twist Mop is made up of numerous microfibre fringes that make it perfect for wet mopping.

Some of your handles are ‘telescopic’, what does that mean?

It means that the length of the mop can be easily adjusted to suit your needs or the demands of the job at hand.

Why do you sell the bucket and wringer separately?

Because only the Multi+ Fringe Mop requires the use of a wringer.

You say that I can use your mops without chemicals, but how will they clean my floors?

Our mops are made from microfibre so they have thousands of tiny fibres that make them ultra absorbent and efficient at picking up dirt and dust. If you would prefer to use a cleaning solution with your mop, we’d suggest YOU Floor & Multi Surface Cleaner available in Menthol Fresh or Citrus Zest fragrances.

How do I remove the Twist Mop head so that I can wash it?

To remove the Twist Mop head, simply separate the mop fringes at the scouring tip end of the mop and you’ll find a light blue plastic clip which wraps around and goes through the handle. Push the clip out and then slide the mop head (including the light blue stem) off the handle. This can then be placed in the washing machine! Once it’s clean again, pop it back on by sliding the light blue stem onto the handle, slot the top of the mop head into the handle, line up the holes and push the clip back through.

How do I put my Full Action System Mop together?
Full Action System Assembly Instructions

Full Action System PictoTo rinse and wring your Full Action System mop, place your foot on the mop head, straighten the handle and then simply clip the head into the bucket. Gently push down on the handle to rinse the mop and then lift above the water line and push down on the handle again to wring out. Pull the handle towards you to unclip the mop and you’re good to go! As with any moving mechanism, there’s a danger of catching your hand or skin so please do make sure that you grip the middle of the handle! Click here to watch our product video for a full demonstration.


The Spill Collect pan is safe to pop in the dishwasher but we'd advise against putting the brush in too! It's still simple to clean though, just give it a quick rinse with water!

Calypso Relaxing Moment Body Sponge

How often should I replace my sponge?

It really depends on how often you use your sponge as to when you should replace it. Look for visual signs of wear to determine if your sponge needs replacing.

How frequently should I use my sponge?

We recommend daily use.

How should I look after my sponge?

Rinse thoroughly before and after each use and allow to dry.

Can I wash my sponge?

Yes, it’s machine washable up to 60°C.

I suffer from eczema, is this sponge safe for me to use?

Yes, it is gentle on the skin, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

What makes a Calypso sponge different to a regular sponge?

A Calypso sponge is cellulose, it’s made from wood pulp and not plastic. This means that the sponge is super absorbent, supple, soft to the touch and 100% biodegradable. A Calypso cellulose sponge can absorb up to 20 times its own weight in water, making it ideal for lathering up in the shower or bath.

General Enquiries

What’s the best way to clean my Spontex products?

Cleaning guidelines are provided on the packaging of all of our products. Simply follow the instructions on pack to ensure your product stays in the best possible condition.

When should I throw my product away?

Care and usage instructions are provided on the packaging of all our products to help you to get the best performance from them for as long as possible. Unfortunately we are unable to suggest an exact lifespan for any of our products as this will vary according to usage.

Do you have safety data sheets (COSHH) for your products?

Most of our products are not classified as hazardous for human health or the environment according to the European regulation 1272/2008 (CLP) and therefore do not require a Safety Data Sheet. If you have a specific query then please do get in touch.

Are Spontex products tested on animals?

No, Spontex products are not tested on animals.

What products do you recommend to use with the Plasti Dip multi purpose coatings?

Plasti Dip have tested our range of cellulose sponges (Handy Sponge and the Decorators Sponges) and here’s what they had to say “We have tried out the sponges on our Plasti Dip Paint. The results were good. The sponge is great and leaves no marks or fluff of any kind. We are happy for you to be able to tell customers that yes they can use your sponges on our Plasti Dip Multi-purpose Paint.”

I have a question about the YOU range of cleaning products?

You can visit the YOU website here, or for YOU FAQs, please click here.

Where do we deliver?

We can only deliver products from this shop within England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. For other countries please visit

Why isn’t the voucher code I’m entering at the checkout working?

In most cases in order to be able to redeem a voucher on the Spontex website you will need to have a customer account. If you haven’t already set one up it is very easy. Simply click Create Account, which is located at the top of the homepage, and then enter your details, once complete you can then login with your email address and chosen password and enter the discount code at the checkout. If you already have an account set up then all you have to do is login. For all voucher codes there will be conditions and thus it is advisable to read the small print as it will advise you of any conditions that apply to that specific voucher code. Thank you.

I've got another question...what should I do?

If you have any further questions regarding Spontex products, then please visit our Contact us page for more information on how to get in touch with the Spontex team. Remember, we're here to help!