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Easy System Max Mop
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Easy System Max+ Mop

A microfibre flat mop with a clever integrated wringing system for effective mopping.

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    • Microfibre flat mop with integrated wringing system for fast effective mopping
    • Absorbent and ultra efficient microfibre mop head that removes 99% of bacteria*
    • Easy to rinse and wring out
    • The telescopic handle extends up to 140cm to suit all users
    • Suitable for all hard floors

    Handy, effective and easy to use, Spontex Easy System Max+ Mop is a microfibre flat mop ideal for use on all types of floors. The mop features a clever integrated wringing system to easily and effectively wring out the mop by simply sliding the wringer up and down the mop head.

    The microfibre mop head is made of thousands of tiny fibres to increase the number of contact points with the surface, making it more absorbent and efficient at picking up dirt and dust. It also removes 99% of bacteria* with just water, no need for cleaning detergents. Its telescopic handle extends up to 140cm to suit all users, during use when adjusting the telescopic handle ensure that the wringer is still able to move up and down over the whole mop head. After use the telescopic handle can be packed down again for easy compact storage, the mop will stand on its own if the wringer is positioned on the floor or it can be hung using the hole at the top of the handle.

    Watch our video to see the mop in action.

    To keep it efficient for longer, machine wash up to 60°C without softener or bleach and do not tumble dry. It’s handy to have a spare refill so there’s always one on the go and one in the wash!

    To replace the refill, grip the side that isn’t hooked on and simply peel it back off the base of the mop. To put on a new mop head, hook the three pockets on the underside of the mop head onto the three clips, line up the rest of the mop head with the base and just press it down to attach it to the grippers. The base needs to be out of the wringer when changing the mop head.

    Textile Composition: 93% Polyester, 7% Polyamide.

    Easy System Max+ refill also sold separately.

    *Removes 99% of E. Coli bacteria from glass surfaces with water only. Tested by an independent laboratory.

    Not sure if this is the mop you need? Check our Mop Guide here.

    Please note that this mop comes in a brown shipping case.

    Spontex Green Hedgehog Icon Our Easy System Max+ mop is made using 22% recycled plastic. The mop head can be used with just water to mop efficiently and achieve sparkling results, there’s no need to use cleaning detergents which may pollute streams and rivers. It can be washed in the washing machine not once, but up to 150 times, so you can keep using it again and again. The packaging is fully recyclable so don’t forget to pop it in your recycling bin.
    Easy System Max+ Mop Eco Illustration

    Product Features

    • Spontex Guaranteed Quality
    • Removes 99% of bacteria
    • Efficient With Just Water Light Blue - No Asterisks
    • Easy Max Plus Built in Wringer
    • Mop - All Surfaces
    • Machine Washable up to 60°C