We're convinced that there's nothing more important than taking care of our planet and the people we cherish, so year after year we strive to do better, from our choice of raw materials to our societal impact. We're not perfect, but every day we're working hard for a cleaner planet!


Find out more about our commitment to efficient and responsible cleaning.


To reduce the use of plastic in our daily lives, we're committed to reducing and removing as much plastic as possible from our packaging!


Recently we've gone even further and launched the Unwrapped range, our very first packaging free bulk products. These cloths and scourers have no packaging, all unnecessary packaging has been removed to reduce waste.

And we have no intention of stopping thereā€¦ today 100% of our disposable gloves packaging is 100% plastic free and in 2023 all of our Spontex reusable gloves will be too!
For more than 90 years, thanks to our know-how, almost all our sponges, sponge scourers and sponge cloths have been produced in our own factories in Europe.

We care about the end of the life of our products and wherever possible we use recyclable materials.


Our Handy Tough and Dishmop handles plus Dishmop refill clips are all 100% recyclable, even our metal scourers can be taken to a local waste facility for recycling.

100% of our packaging to be recyclable
Reduce the amount of material and plastic used in our packaging
100% of our cardboard and paper packaging to be sustainably sourced
(recycled, verified and/or from sustainably managed forests)
Move towards a complete range of products made using recycled materials
In our factories, safety is a key priority!
All of our teams are fully trained and fully aware of the safety requirements relating to their jobs, they also wear appropriate protective equipment.
By 2025, we are committed to achieving IS0 45001 certification at our 10 industrial sites and continuing our efforts to reduce our workplace incident rate.
Our teams today are present in 22 countries across 4 continents reflecting local diversity and cultures.
We are working hard to ensure that in each of these countries we provide social conditions that go beyond local regulations to ensure well-being and to promote inclusivity and gender equality.
51% of managerial positions are held by women(4) in our group. Since 1999, we have made sure that there are no gender stereotypes in our internal and external communications.
Working hand in hand with our suppliers to develop close and productive relationships is an integral part of our daily routine.
We share a code of conduct and take into account environmental, social and ethical criteria in our calls for tender in order to promote responsible sourcing.
Our code of conduct can be found HERE.
(1) Made of 55% recycled fibres from recycled plastic bottles. Each cloth contains one 50cl bottle.
(2) Estimation based on internal studies by Spontex for volume of scourers produced in 2019 and 2020.
(3) Removes 99% of E. Coli bacteria from glass surfaces and human coronavirus from tiled surfaces with water only.
Tested by an independent laboratory.
(4) Census carried out in May 2021 on all Mapa Spontex managers worldwide.