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Microfibre Bathroom Kit
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Microfibre Bathroom Kit

£3.50 £2.62 (inc vat)

The perfect combination of microfibre cloths for a spotless and sparkling bathroom. Removes 99% of bacteria.

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    • For sparkling results
    • Removes grime and watermarks
    • Removes 99% of bacteria
    • Efficient with just water
    • Ultra resistant and long lasting
    The Spontex Microfibre Bathroom Kit leaves your bathroom spotless and sparkling. The blue Bathroom cloth with integrated scrubbing bands removes bathroom grime without scratching whilst its 3D textured side is super absorbent, leaving a shiny watermark free finish. The yellow All Purpose cloth with thick 3D weave easily tackles dirt and dust even on delicate surfaces, leaving a brilliant finish. For best results, use the Bathroom cloth damp with any excess water wrung out to clean and the All Purpose cloth dry to shine. Ideal for cleaning all bathroom surfaces, including baths, showers and taps.

    Did you know? Spontex Microfibre cloths are made up of thousands of tiny fibres, so the number of contact points with the surface is greatly increased compared to non microfibre cloths. This means that each cloth has extraordinary cleaning power that eliminates 99% of bacteria. Being efficient with just water and no need for chemicals, the cloths are ecological too. What's more, these microfibre cloths are so super resistant and long lasting, they can be washed in the washing machine 500 times and more!

    Microfibre Bathroom: Cloth size: 32 x 32cm. Composition: 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide.
    Microfibre All Purpose: Cloth size: 32 x 32cm. Composition: 85% Polyester, 15% Polyamide.

    Machine washable up to 60°C. Do not tumble dry, iron or dry clean. Not suitable for use with bleach or products containing bleach.

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    Product Features

    • Spontex Guaranteed Quality
    • Removes 99% of bacteria
    • Efficient with just water
    • Ultra Resistant
    • X500 Wash
    • 2 in 1 3D Texture
    • Microfibre Bathroom Kit Picto
  • Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    Fantastic cloths - never used them before and I cant believe I haven’t. Couldn't go without them now, makes cleaning much easier and quicker. Top quality product

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    This is an amazing product and I would purchase this again. Would not normally buy this sort of thing but made it an attractive offer with the voucher

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    A lot better to use than my normal cloth

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    Was really surprised how effective this was with only water. I always use micro fibre cloths in the bathroom but the texture of this works wonders.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    Fab item wish I had these years ago! No streaks on the tiles at all! Fab as I’m moving and cleaning everywhere!!

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    Thought these were really good, was surprised at how good they were.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    I like the fact I can reuse these and stick them in the washing machine. save money in the long run

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    Does the job well, just pops into the washer after use , comes out like new again.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    It does the job , but I did think it was going to be more than just 2 cloths , would not buy again

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    Great little kit worked a treat on my bathroom as directed will buy again

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    Good quality thick clothes

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    Brilliant cleaning cloths no streaks left very absorbing

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    wow. scrubbed very nicely. cleaned good too

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    No different to other microfibre cloths I use

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    very well made, great quality

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shopmium Reviewer

    Great for cleaning my shower

    Rating: Reviewed by: kate edington (Spontester)

    What an amazing little kit this is!!!! The 2 cloths are an absolute godsend to my cleaning routine. The bathroom cloth leaves a gleaming shine round the whole of my bathroom and the multi purpose cloth is exactly that ... it does all those other wee jobs the bathroom ones doesn't .... everything from polishing mirrors to wiping the kitchen sides and everything in between that you would use a cloth for (obviously cleaning it properly in between uses of course) .... I loved this wee set so much I have already purchased a spare set for when these ones wear out!!!

    Rating: Reviewed by: Gary Pearson (Spontester)

    Well, the box allows you to touch the cloths even before actually opening it, to quickly feel the differences between the two. I was sceptical at first, how will just a cloth clean a normal bath and will the rougher one mark the bath? No fears here, it was great! Absultely no more effort than normally needed, in fact I'd say it took a little less but the results were very pleasing indeed. They both feel real quality and will last a good amount of time, making them very economical and with no chemical cleaners used it also doesn't make you feel 'high' on cleaner fumes! Would I recommend, yes I would and I will get more when these two have to retire!

    Rating: Reviewed by: Amy Cowan (Spontester)

    Looking at this simple cloth packet I was a little dubious at how effective this could be but I was wrong to doubt it. My bathroom is something that gets a quick clean weekly but there are many areas I have come to accept will never look as new. That was until I tried the microfibre bathroom cloth! It feels lovely and soft with slightly textured bands. I gave my glass sink and taps a quick wipe and was amazed at the streak free gleam that appeared, my taps were shiny again! I next wiped down the shower door which has seen better days, with a light scrub the glass was clear again. I finally moved on to my biggest challenge - the bath. I have never been able to remove all the soap residue and limescale buildup which has left my bath slightly grey. I started scrubbing with the bathroom cloth and was beginning to see white appear underneath. It has taken me over an hour of scrubbing but my bath is almost like new again, I am utterly amazed! I have started to use the multipurpose cloth for my general cleaning now and these have both been washed now, they look like they will last a long time. These are definatly going to be my go to cloths from now on. At only 4.99 I think it's a bargain so long as they last well.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Gaynor Lewis (Spontester)

    I loved this Spontex Microfibre Bathroom Cleaning Kit - It made cleaning all aspects of the bathroom - really easy.
    The cloths are lovely quality - nice and thick - washable and obviously made to last.
    I used the all purpose cloth first with it's textured bands, and started on the bath and sinks - then taps - and with just a little bit of water and minimal effort - it left both gleaming with a shine I hadn't seen since my bathroom was newly installed.
    I then used it on the shower doors and it removed water marks with ease and then did the same for the tiles - brilliant.
    I used the second cloth dry at first to buff up the mirrors and glass shelves and then used it to buff up the previously cleaned bath and sink to an even greater shine.
    All in all a great product - did the job better than anything I've used previously, and best of all using just water - so no chemical loaded sprays needed - better for family and for the environment too - which makes me very happy.
    I will definitely be buying this in future

  • Yours Magazine
    “The textured cloth with built-in scrubbing bands did a good job, I cut through the muck and grime to reveal sparkling results.”

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