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Dustpan & Brush Set
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Dustpan & Brush Set

An efficient, compact and convenient dustpan & brush set.

  • Description
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    • Effective bristles to sweep up dirt and dust
    • Large capacity dustpan
    • Lightweight and ergonomically designed
    • Easy to clean after use
    • Compact format for easy storage

    Spontex Dustpan and Brush set is efficient, compact and convenient. The effective bristles and large capacity dustpan with rubber blade make it quick and easy to sweep up dirt and dust on all types of floors. The ergonomic and lightweight design of the set makes it comfortable to use for picking up dirt after sweeping or for spot cleaning.

    The dustpan is easy to wipe clean after use. The brush nests in the pan and can be hung up on a hook to make storage easy too.

    Spontex Green Hedgehog Icon Our Dustpan & Brush set is made using 81% recycled plastic. The label on the bucket is fully recyclable so don’t forget pop it in your recycling bin.
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    Product Features

    • Spontex Guaranteed Quality
    • Effective Bristles - Dustpan
    • Easy grip Handle - Dustpan
    • Easy to Clean - Dustpan
    • All Surfaces - Dustpan