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Catch & Clean Rubber Broom and Dustpan Set
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Catch & Clean Rubber Broom and Dustpan Set

£15.99 (inc vat)

A rubber broom that’s twice as efficient as a traditional bristle broom with a very clever and effective dustpan.

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    • Ultra efficient and hygienic indoor rubber broom
    • Collects dry and wet mess, fantastic for pet hair
    • Clever telescopic handle can be used in 4 different positions to clean hard to reach areas and under furniture
    • Versatile step-on dustpan with a rubber blade to easily collect dirt and dust
    • Suitable for all surfaces, even carpets and mats
    Spontex Catch & Clean indoor rubber broom and dustpan set is efficient, hygienic, compact and convenient. The broom has a unique rubber bristle structure combining V shaped and blade bristles that makes it two times more efficient* at picking up all types of dirt including pet hair, on all types of surfaces even carpets. With a simple press of the button, it can also be positioned at 45°, 60° and 90° angles to make it easier to clean all those hard-to-reach places, even under furniture! The handle is also telescopic and extends from to 1.25m to 1.40m to suit all users and make storage easier.

    The dustpan has a special foothold to keep it securely in place whilst sweeping up, so there’s no need to bend down, plus it has a rubber blade to easily collect up dirt! It also acts as a stand when not in use to store the broom, just make sure the broom is not extended.

    The broom also retains 2 times less dirt than a traditional bristle broom making it more hygienic. Both the broom and the dustpan can be easily cleaned under running water to remove any dust and dirt.

    Two times more efficient
    We’re proud to say that this broom and dustpan set has been approved by the unbiased and trusted Good Housekeeping Institute. Wherever you see their logo you can be assured that this product has passed a series of rigorous Consumer Quality Assessment tests.

    “An innovative product, simple but effective. Dirt and debris are captured effortlessly by the rubber bristles and guided easily into the cleverly designed dustpan, leaving floors super clean.”- GHI Expert.
    Catch and Clean Rubber Broom and Dustpan Set Instructional Image Position 1 Carpet

    0° : ideal position for a quick sweep and also to store the broom in the dustpan.

    Catch and Clean Rubber Broom and Dustpan Set Instructional Image Position 2 Tile

    30°: ideal position for optimal sweeping efficiency on all types of floor surfaces.

    Catch and Clean Rubber Broom and Dustpan Set Instructional Image Position 3 Laminate

    60°: ideal position for sweeping under furniture like tables or chairs.

    Catch and Clean Rubber Broom and Dustpan Set Instructional Image Position 4 Wood

    90°: ideal position to sweep under low furniture (height >10cm) and stairs.

    Product Features

    • Spontex Guaranteed Quality
    • Unique Bristles
    • Great for pet hair
    • Different Positions
    • Verasatile Dustpan
    • Easy to Clean
    • Easy to Store
    • Telescopic Handle
    • Different Surfaces

    Product Awards

    • Good Housekeeping Institute Approved 2020
  • Rating: Reviewed by: Anna (Spontester)

    I love my Catch & Clean! I have a long haired cat who moults everywhere which is a nightmare to pick up but Catch & Clean was brilliant and picked up so much more than I thought it would from my carpets. I even took the head off and used it as a hand brush for the stairs. The telescopic handle and dustpan that doubles as a stand means that it is really easy to store and doesn't take up very much room at all which was a big downside of my old broom! It also works really well on wooden floors with the different shaped bristles great at picking up big and small bits. Overall a great product and would definitely recommend as an upgrade from a traditional broom.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Joanna (Spontester)

    Wow just wow.... This is going to be a game ch Agee for me!! Not only is it a genius idea of having the dustpan a home where you can hold it down with your foot while sweeping up the mess!! But how amazingly this picks up cat hair.... I suffer from fibromyalgia and struggle daily hoovering everyday to get the hairs up but this magical invention makes it so easy to pick up the hairs and they don’t stick to the brush... the brush is washable which makes it so hygienic rather than the bristles and you can also store if afterwards in the dustpan has a stand... 10/10 from me.... GAME CHANGER well done spontex what a genius idea 💡

    Rating: Reviewed by: Charlie (Spontester)

    The broom picks up dirt and cat hair really well, and works on hard floors and carpets. I like the foothold for the dustpan and it makes good contact with the floor so it catches all the dirt. It is really easy to use and it is simple to adjust the angle of the brush head. It feels really hygienic thanks to its rubber bristles and it is easy to wash it clean. It seems really solid and well made.

    The set looks modern and attractive. I agree with some other reviewers that it could come in different colours. The design makes it easy to store, it stands up securely or can be hung on hooks quite easily.

    The packaging is simple, gives all the instructions needed and is not wasteful.

    I would definitely recommend it as it is so much better than a traditional broom.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Janice (Spontester)

    Absolutely brilliant on all surfaces!! Easy to use, saves a lot of bending and the dustpan is very effective with the foot hold. Picks up cat hair from hard floors and door mats, excellent for cleaning up debris carried in from the garden and seems to pick up so much more than my old dust pan and brush. The adjustable head makes it so easy to get into awkward places and under and around furniture - I will definitely be using this from now on!!

    Rating: Reviewed by: Dee (Spontester)

    I have used the Catch and Clean kit on all types of floors (carpet, slate, laminate, tile and cushion flooring) and it worked very well in all situations. Excellent quality and very easy to adjust height/angle, so anyone in the house can use it. I particularly like how the broom sits well, off the floor, in the dustpan. Good eye-catching packaging. If I had a choice I would have preferred a green colour to match my kitchen but the contrasting blue colours look good together and I can easily spot it if the Catch and Clean kit ends up in my partner's workshop! All-in-all good thought out to all my friends and colleagues. Excellent product.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Sarah-Jayne (spontester)

    For someone verging on OCD with a broken kneecap THIS has been a godsend! When it came, expertly packaged, and not excessively so, with the product visible - I thought all my birthdays had come at once. My 10 year old daughter was the first to use the product - quickly clearing up an accidental spillage on our wooden kitchen floor and making light work of it. Since then it's been used on carpet, tiles, concrete and even the sofa and has worked it's magic with ease in all areas. I far prefer the concept of these plastic thongs over bristles. Thus far it has proved effortless in the quick removal of breakfast cereal, dog hair and liquids, all effectively and easily. I'm readily a convert! A top quality product, from a reputable company, that works even better than I'd expected. My only disgruntle is that it follows the blue Spontex branding, as it doesn't fit my colour scheme, so is stowed away in a cupboard rather than in pride of place ... although with it's multi-usage already at the fore - I'm thinking some rooms make shortly be taking on a blue hue! If you haven't got one, I'd definitely recommend it.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Sue (Spontester)

    The packaging and initial appearance show it is a quality product and packaging gives helpful information on how to get the best out of this product. It is very easy to use due to being lightweight and the adjustable angle of the handle is particularly helpful. Due to it's versatility it was excellent for any surface and particularly when cleaning after a furry dog, even straight after vacuuming it was still finding stray dog hair! In the future I would like to see the same brush head as a hand brush making it even easier to get into small areas. If you have an artificial lawn or decking buy one for outside use as well as it does a great job on both of these areas.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Mary (Spontester)

    I have used the Catch and Clean kit on all types of floors (carpet, slate, laminate, tile and cushion flooring) and it worked very well in all situations. Excellent quality and very easy to adjust height/angle, so anyone in the house can use it. I particularly like how the broom sits well, off the floor, in the dustpan. Good eye-catching packaging. If I had a choice I would have preferred a green colour to match my kitchen but the contrasting blue colours look good together and I can easily spot it if the Catch and Clean kit ends up in my partner's workshop! All-in-all good thought out product.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Sarah (Spontester)

    Wow I love this brush and pan set. It arrived well packaged and was so simple to assemble it literally just slots together. I have used it on my carpet when my Hoover was getting repaired and it pulled all the cats hairs straight off the carpet better than my Hoover ever has which was a surprise. I have used it in the kitchen on the lino and it breezed through my cleaning regime with no issues. The long handle on the brush is perfect for me as others I have found to be either too long or too short. I love how the brush head can be moved into different angles that made such a difference as my house has all strange nooks and crannies that usually I cant access and this just did them with no issues at all. I love the bright colour as well as it means as soon as I open the cleaning cupboard I instantly can see it no more hunting through all the handles to get the right one. I have now got rid of my other brush and pan set and only use this one. It's also been a lifesaver as my ADHD son hates the noise of the Hoover so usually I can only clean up when he not home which is hard at weekends but with this I can clean the floors and he loves it as he doesn't have the nasty noise of the Hoover. Overall I can't rate this high enough i love it and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you spontex for an amazing product

    Rating: Reviewed by: Carole (Spontester)

    Arrived well packaged, easy to unpack, good colour. Easy to use on all types of floor - carpets, wooden floors and hard floors and will bend to go under tables, drawers etc. Collects the dog hairs, then easy to wash floor with brush, then just rinse brush under tap. Reaches all corners of stair carpet and brings up pile on all carpets. Dustpan easy to move along with feet and then can brush all dirt inside easily. Definitely would recommend this long handled brush and dustpan.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Ben (Spontester)

    The catch and clean broom arrived quickly and was well packaged. It was easy to setup and to use. It was well presented in the box, and loved the colour of the broom. The length of the broom was easy to change, simply twist the pole to unlock, change it to your preferred height, and simply twist it again to lock it in place. It worked really well on hard floors, and picked up food and dirt of the floor really easily. The broom head is detachable and is made out of rubber which makes it really easy to clean. It was a well made sturdy broom which worked very efficiently. I would definitely recommend this broom to anyone looking to purchase a new one.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Kayleigh (spontester)

    I have enjoyed using this brush more than my regular floor brush, it picks up loose material and pet hair alot more effectively and I find it doesn't flick it around the floor like regular floor brushing can.
    I use the brush without the pole on my staircase and its amazing how much pet hair it collects,
    The large pan is really helpful at catching the hairs while I brush.
    I will not be going back to a regular brush and pan anytime soon.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Julia ( Spontester)

    Really pleased with this product, arrived in a really good outer package, the inner box was sturdy, bright and held plenty of information, I used the catch and clean rubber broom on my kitchen floor which is carpet tiles, my utility - ceramc tiled floor, my lounge which is a thickish carpet, and the car after a trip to the park which had been mowed, we have a small dog who has very long hair and sheds heavily all year round, this was great as it gathered the hair and was easy to pick up and hold in the pan, ( saved using the hoover which he really hates ), my favourite and most used instrument. Well made easy to use and store with the telescopic handle really helpful, and very very strong, great product in every way.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Anne (Spontester)

    This arrived well packaged and handled with care by the delivery man. It was easily put together and was brilliant when brushing up the dog hairs in the kitchen. Love the way the brush head can be altered so goes under furniture.
    It was just as good on carpets as well as laminate and linoleum.
    I found this extremely useful and so easy to use as I have mobility problems.
    Colour bright and cheerful and the quality of the product is excellent and would Ed highly recommend it. This product has now replaced all my brushes.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Patricia (Spontester)

    The catch and clean is amazing and so versatile initially I swept my bedroom carpets which were looking a bit dull and couldn’t believe the amount of hair that came from them despite regular vacuuming! The broom brought up the pile and they look like new. It worked wonders on the living room carpet and swept up the dog hairs as well as bringing up the pile. The broom head is best set at right angles for the carpets. The different head settings make it easy to sweep under furniture It is just as effective on laminate and vinyl floors and easy to use on the stair carpet by not extending the handle The easy to use dustpan saves bending and is excellent storage for the broom as it stands on its base and doesn’t fall over. The broom just needs a rinse under the tap to clean it
    All in all I would recommend this product and think every home should have one

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