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There's nothing more important to us than your opinion, after all the customer is always right! By joining our product testing team you'll help shape the future development and improvement of our products!

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MAPA SPONTEX UK Ltd. (hereafter “Spontex”) whose head office is situated in Berkeley Business Park, Wainwright Road, Worcester, WR4 9ZS, offers on the website (hereafter the “Website”)
- To participate in the testing of a product selected by Spontex, and to file a review or give feedback of such product (hereafter the “Testing”);
The present provisions regulate the terms and conditions of this operation. Participants will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions and agreed to be bound by them when participating.


Participation to this operation is open to all UK residents, who do their own cleaning, have internet access and are aged 18 years or over (hereinafter the “Participant”).
To participate in the Testing, the Participant will need to:
- Go to the product Testing page on the Website;
- Enter the information requested such as his/her full name, address, email address etc.;
- In case of Testing, the Participant shall briefly explain why he/she would be an ideal candidate for the panel. Spontex shall select Participants at its own discretion.

The requests to participate in the Testing will be submitted exclusively online, on the Website. Any other request, such as but not limited to those sent by email, will not be taken into account.


The Participant shall be sent a product selected by Spontex to test and at the same time it will be indicated to the Participant by email how long the product shall be tested and by which date the review must be filed in the applicable product review field on the Website (if this forms part of the criteria). Only one product will be sent to the Participant.

The Participant will receive no kind of indemnification for his/her participation in the Testing. Participations are entirely for free. The tested product can be kept by the Participant at the end of the Testing.

By participating in the Testing, the Participant authorises Spontex to:
- Use his/her review on any kind of online or offline media, including on the Website or any other website chosen by Spontex, on Point of Sale material, on packaging, in advertising, on commercial or promotional documentation;
- Use the Participant’s name associated with his/her review;
- Send to the Participant subsequent proposals to participate in further Testing
Such authorisation is given worldwide and without any limit in duration.

Spontex has no obligation to use a review and shall select the reviews it wishes to use.
Any review that does not concern the selected product, or would be defamatory, offensive, racist, violent, sexual or would be likely to harm others will be excluded.