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Aqua Revolution System  Extra Refill Bundle
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Aqua Revolution System & Extra Refill Bundle

£44.99 (inc vat)

A unique compact spin mop and bucket system that separates clean and dirty water to mop with 100% clean water! Bundle comes with an extra refill!

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  • The Spontex Aqua Revolution System & Extra Refill Bundle includes:

    • 1 x Aqua Revolution System Mop & Bucket - A unique compact spin mop system that separates clean and dirty water to mop with 100% clean water.
    • 1 x Aqua Revolution System Refill - A spare or replacement refill for Spontex Aqua Revolution System spin mop as it's always handy to have one on the go and one in the wash.


    • Mop with 100% clean water
    • Separates clean and dirty water
    • Ultra efficient microfibre head
    • Removes 99% of bacteria
    • Foldable head for corners
    • Suitable for all hard floors
    Spontex Aqua Revolution System is an efficient compact spin mop and bucket that separates clean and dirty water for a cleaner floor*. Thanks to isolated clean and dirty water compartments, a smart pump mechanism for rinsing and wringing plus a cleverly designed microfibre head that removes 99% of bacteria, you can now have it all… efficiency, simplicity, convenience and hygiene. The mop is never in contact with dirty water, it's cleaned during use so you're always mopping with 100% clean water.

    The 100% microfibre head has an innovative texture with tight loops for greater efficiency and easier cleaning, it even includes non scratch stripes for those stubborn marks. The large round flat and foldable mop head reaches into every corner and skirting. The microfibre head should be used wet on all types of hard flooring, with just water or your usual detergent.

    The mop with a 1.4m handle is easy to assemble. The 3.5l bucket is compact, easy to fill, easy to empty and easy to clean saving you time and effort.

    To keep the mop head efficient for longer, machine wash at up to 40°C without softener or bleach. It’s always handy to have one on the go and one in the wash.

    Use wet on all types of hard floors including tiles, laminate and wood.

    *A 30% cleaner floor compared to a floor cleaned with a single tank traditional bucket where the same water, reused throughout cleaning gets dirtier.
    Separates clean and dirty water Separates clean and dirty water
    Aqua Revolution System Mop and Bucket Instructional Picto 1
    Aqua Revolution System Mop and Bucket Instructional Picto 2
    Aqua Revolution System Mop and Bucket Instructional Picto 3
    Aqua Revolution System Mop and Bucket Instructional Picto 4

    Find full usage instructions here or watch our video to see the system in action.

    Textile composition: 100% Polyester for the tight loops.
    90% Polyester and 10% Polyamide for the non scratch stripes.

    Aqua Revolution System refill also sold separately.

    Not sure if this is the mop you need? Check our Mop Guide here.

    Free gift with every bundle, while stocks last.


    Product Features

    • Spontex Guaranteed Quality
    • Removes 99% of bacteria
    • Efficient with just water
    • 100% Microfibre -  Mop
    • Easy to Fill
    • Easy to Empty
    • Easy to Clean
    • Easy to Store
    • Express System Compact All Surfaces
    • 40 degree wash
  • Rating: Reviewed by: Emma (Spontester)

    Omg the best mop I have ever used! It separates the dirty water from the clean so their is NO more pushing dirty WATer back on to the floors.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Jacqui

    iv found this mop system great easy to use as you always use clean water and because the water is spun out the floors dry quickly.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Shelley

    Wow wow wow amazing product, by cleaning the mop on every rinse my floors are amazingly clean compared to my old mop, great on laminate, slate, marble floors, Highly recommended a total game changer to every household, makes cleaning up after 3 dogs so much easier and cleaner.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Dawn

    Old method wash one mop.dry with second. This system is compact and once i got used to handle action its simple. I was amazed at how dirty the water was in the lower section of the bucket. Easy to clean and store and its good the pad goes into machine so no more wet mop hanging around. Happy over 60 year old

    Rating: Reviewed by: Linda

    Fed up with regular mops leaving the floor wet for ages. I struggle to wring out tightly.
    No such problem with this one
    Easy to use and no hassle!

    Rating: Reviewed by: Beth (Spontester)

    Fantastic product loved cleaning my floors with 100% clean water. Perfect for w house with children and pets. Every household needs this!

    Rating: Reviewed by: Melissa (Spontester)

    Such an amazing I am obsessed with it! This product is not only very hygienic but an actual time saver. I can clean the whole house without having to change the water several times and I have the confidence that I’m cleaning each area with clean water each time. Definitely worth investing in one.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Joely (Spontester)

    Absolutely love this mop and bucket system! There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re just moving dirty water around the floor when mopping, so the separation of the dirty water from the clean is my favourite part of this product. It’s also so satisfying to see just how dirty the used water is!
    Another great thing about this is that the microfibre head and the spinning system mean that there isn’t too much excess water on the mop so the floor doesn’t get soaked and it dries much quicker than it would with a standard mop.
    It is also really easy to clean around the edges of the room and into corners with the separate part of the mop head that lifts up to go along kick boards and skirting boards, so nothing gets missed.
    There’s a video on YouTube which is helpful to show you how to get started.
    This particular package comes with a spare mop head which is great, so you can have one to use and one in the wash.
    Definitely recommend!

    Rating: Reviewed by: Sophie (Spontester)

    Where to start ! ok firstly packaging is well made bright and very eye catching which I like. I did struggle with the instructions obviously bucket was easy to assemble and so was the mop but it seemed difficult to start getting the mop to connect to the bucket . I used the demo which was pretty useful and eventually got it to click and away I went. The mop and bucket look nice colorful , the only thing I would say is the handle which you turn to spin the mop is slightly big so people with small hands may find it awkward but I like the logic behind the Aqua system. I would highly recommend the Aqua Revolution System to friends and family. It is easy to use and a great quality product that leaves you with a nice clean floor.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Bethany (Spontester)

    I have to say I am much more impressed than I thought I’d be with this mop. I had my doubts that the water would actually be kept separate and well it did just that. I hate with regular mops you put your dirty mop in your dirty water to clean your floor, which kind of defeats the object. None of this issue with this mop.

    Was easy and simple to get the hang of it and in a good way brings some enjoyment to cleaning 😂

    Definitely recommend this product x

    Rating: Reviewed by: Fiona (Spontester)

    First of all, this is really well packaged in a sturdy box with a carrying handle which will actually come in handy in itself - bonus! Secondly, the quality you expect from Spontex is evident straightaway. The buckets and the mop are well made and seem built to last. The idea is extremely clever as it never makes sense to keep dipping your mop back into dirty water and this way you don’t have to as that is all taken care of for you. I have to be honest, and it may be a combination of never having seen anything like this before and me having a particularly dim brained day (probably the latter!) but I couldn’t get to grips with it at first as I found the instructions not particularly clear. I think a bit more detail would have helped, for example the mop felt really dry unlike other mops but then I realised it should be like that. Anyhow, once I got to grips with it I was away and thought it was great as it left a clean, streak free finish which dried easily. I have used sponge, microfibre and cloth mops before and also floor wipes but this unique system was easy to use and gave the cleanest finish of all. When you see the dirty water left you realise how brilliant it is because using a standard mop you would have put all of that on your floor. Well done Spontex!

    Rating: Reviewed by: Tina (Spontester)

    I’ve never been a mop & bucket type of girl however this has totally changed my opinion.
    I love how the clean and dirty water is separate so no putting dirty water back onto a clean floor.
    It was easy to use and didn’t soak the floor with water so the floor dried really quickly.
    I was a bit sceptical when I saw the mop head was round but soon realised there is a section that folds up making it easier when getting close to skirting boards and corners. It was easy to empty the dirty water and a quick rinse and wipe inside and it was ready for next time I use it.
    I would definitely recommend this and would never want to use a tradition mop and bucket.

    Rating: Reviewed by: Katie (Spontester)

    Well this mop is amazing!!!!!
    The clean water and the dirty water are separate so you are not putting the mop back into dirty water each time, you pump the mop Onto the clean water bucket and it springs the mop while collecting clean water and it’s not left soaking wet. There is a movable but on the mop so you can clean kick boards and skirting boards at the same time as mopping 👍🏻
    Oooooo and the mop is a free standing mop yes that’s right it stands up by its self 👍🏻
    Such a brilliant mop and I would definitely recommend 👍🏻

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